Дам все звёзды , только зделайте правильно

    5 i havent seen tina


    She was

    6sge has been working

    4the newspaper printed an article

    Yes she posted it yesterday

    Yes they have traveled to argentina last year

    2 have they ever flown on a plane?

  • Have you ever been in India? Yes, I have gone  there last year. Have they ever flew on a plane? Yes, they have traveled to Argentina last year. Has Sue sent the letter yet? Yes, she has posted it yesterday.
    Первые 3, делаю остальные
    The newspaper printed the an article about them last week. Yes, I know. They have raised.... (пишешь предложение до конца). I haven't seen Tina for a long time. Really? She was .... (предложение до конца).
    A;.... B: He has been working
    How long have been you waiting?
    Yes, she has been helping

  • Have you ever been to india

    3have sue sended the letter yet?

    8has been helping

    yes i know they have raised

    7 how long have you been waiting

    yes i have gone there last year