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ответить на вопросы 1.Why did Mum hurry them up? 2.What did Kate forget in the house? 3.Who forgot the sports kit? 4.Why did Mum go back in the house?Was she very upset? What did she say? 5.What did Kate ask Mum about?




"Hurry up",said Mum,"or we'll be late for school. " We all rushed downstairs,picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door. "No,wait! said Kate. " I forgot my homework . Mrs James will go mad if I don't have it with this time! " So we all went back. "Be quick,Kate," cried Mum, " or will be very late for school , and Mrs James really will be cross with you" Kate found her homework and rushed downstairs . We all picked up our bags and went outside. Mum closed the door and turned the key in the lock . We all headed for the car. " No,wait! " said Charlie. " I forgot my sport kit and it's football today. " So we all went back inside. "hurry up,Charlie! " cried Mum. " We'll be late for shool! " Charlie got his sport kit and rushed downstairs. We all picked up our bag bags and went outside. Mum closed the door and turned the key in the lock . She unlocked the car and we all tried to get in front seat. We could tell by the look on Mum's face that this was not a good idea, so we got in the back and put on our seatbelts. "I don't believed it ! " cried Mum . I forgot my bag Well never get to school today . She took off her seatbelts and went back in the house. Mum found her bag and rushed out of the front door . She locked the door , got back into the car ' put on her seatbelts and started the car up. "Can we have the radio on,please'Mum? " said Kate. "OK," said Mum. "But let's get going or we'll never get to scholl today. " And the man on the radio said, "Good morning! Now for the latest news on this lovely Saturday morning... " "Saturday? I don't believe it! " said Mum. "Whoopee! " cried the kids.


  • Mum hurried them up because she didn't want them to be late for school.
    Kate forgot her homework.
    Charlie forgot the sports kit.
    Mum returned in the house because she forgot her bag.
    She was very upsed and the look on her face showed her sad mood.
    She said that they would never get to school.
    Kate asked to turn on the radio.