соченение на английском на тему как я провёл лето


  • Hooray ! It is summer and began a vacation , it's a great time of rest. My grandmother and grandfather went to the cottage . She is on kumysnyh clearing. There I helped grow vegetables , fruits , flowers, of which we have in the country very much. I have a lot of hanging out with friends , swimming in the pool, read a favorite book. Time and again we went to the field, where a kite , it's great to have worked.
    As a family, we went to a birch grove . There we collected herbs , listened to the birds singing in the woods , they are particularly singing , admiring the beauty of the forest, enjoying the forest air. And once we are with my uncle and his brother toured by bicycle on a crimson spring . This is a reserved place . And what there is pure, delicious water! We collected the healing water and a rest at a spring .
    But in addition to rest, I did not forget about the summer job of the future fourth-graders . I read a lot of books Prishvina , Tolstoy, Nosov , and many other authors, but I especially liked the book M.Tvena "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ."
    In the middle of the summer I went to rest on a camp site in g.Marks . There's a lot I sailed on the Volga, diving , playing ball , first learned to play billiards . I loved it!