Перевод всего диалога, очень очень очень прошу! 
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  • 1.-Hello, my name is An. I'm from London. I'm a student of university.
    2.-Hello, how are you?
    -Thank you, I'm fine, and you?
    -I'm fine too. What is it?
    -This is my new car.
    3.-Meet my friend Paul. He's english teacher.
    -I'm glad to meet you.
    4.-These are Nick and Mary, student from Canada. Nick is tall and thin, and Mary is plump, but she's happy.
    5.-Come here! Don't stand, sit down, please.
    6.-What is it?
    -This is a car. Car isn't new, but it's very good. Are you glad? Don't open door. There is my dog.
    7.-Are you teacher?
    -No, I'm a doctor.
    -Are you from London?
    -No, I'm an englishman, but I'm not from London.